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Hans-Uwe Otto

November 2, 2020

It is with great sadness that we must pass on the news of the death of our friend and colleague Hans-Uwe Otto, Senior Research Professor at Bielefeld University. The work and lives of so many of us all across Europe and beyond, working and researching in social work, have been inspired by his tireless quest for giving this discipline a critical foundation in theory and research, a quest which he pursued not only in his copious research projects and publications but also in challenging, ardent discussions at every encounter. His fiery, witty personality combined with his sharp intellect, made for a unique blend of an academic teacher, debating partner but above all an always warmly welcoming friend. We honour him and his work by continuing to pursue this quest in his spirit, but we mourn this bitter loss and extend our deep sympathy to his bereaved family.  

The European Association of Schools of Social Work