Countries coordinators

To help members to have a stronger relation with EASSW we renewed the role of the country coordinator’. The Country Coordinator is a member of the EC that is regionally near or has already some contacts with your country. He/she has the task of helping members and new interested Schools to become stronger actors in social work education and to reinforce their relationships with EASSW. You can therefore address the country coordinator to have news about EASSW, and to discuss any other problems regarding social work education you think would be of interest, as well as making proposals of new topics and actions.

New List

Christos Panagiotopoulus: Palestine; Greece; Cyprus; Israel;

Mariusz Granosik: Russia; Poland;

Mona Livholts: Finland;

Raymond Kloppenburg: Portugal; Spain; Netherland;

Ana Maria Sobočan: Kosovo; Macedonia; Bosnia; Croatia; Slovenia;

Anna Rurka: France; Monaco;

Femke Dewulf: Belgium; Luxemburg;

Florin Lazar: Ukraine; Georgia; Moldova; Bulgaria; Romania; Turkey;

Jane Fenton: Malta; United Kingdom; Ireland;

Judith Csoba: Hungary;

Katarina Hjortgren: Iceland; Sweden; Greenland; Denmark; Norway;

Marika Lotko: Belarus; Latvia; Lithuania; Estonia;

Urban Northdurfter: Italy; Germany; Austria; San Marino; Switzerland; Liechtenstein;

Zuzana Poklembova: Azerbaijan; Armenia; Albania; Serbia; Montenegro; Kazakhstan; Slovakia; Czech Republik; Andorra;