Clara Cruz Santos

EC member

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Coimbra – Social Work
Rua do Colégio Novo, 1,
3001-802 Coimbra

T +358 40 7422199


Social Work


Portuguese, English

Teaching Subjects

Social Laboratory I (Social Work Professional Identity; Skills and Competences of Social Work)
Social Work Sectorial I (Social Work in Municipalities and Social protection)
Social Work Sectorial II (Social Work in Justice, Education and Employment)
Methodologies and Practices of Social Work

Master in Social Work:
Conception and Evaluation of Social Intervention Projects

Current Activities

Coordinator of the Master in Social Intervention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Coordination of the “Uniting causes” – Volunteering Project at the University FPCE; Member associated of Social Intervention Observatory and Citizenship from Coimbra University.

Fields of (Scientific) Interest

Coordinator of The Project “ResaurCe (2013): Reviewing social auditing practices to combat exploitative brokering in Southern Europe” Call For Proposals HOME/2012/ISEC/AG/THB/; Researcher in the Project of “ADVISORY BUREAU FOR SOCIAL AND COMMUNITY MEDIATION” Main Researcher under the Grundtvig Program; Master Thesis in Social Intervention Supervising

Current research interests

Practices and Models of Social Intervention in Social Work; Analysis of the interpretive processes of “Fundraising” and social management; New Social Policies and Poverty in Portugal; Social Epistemology.