Andrés Arias Astray

EC member

Professor of Social Work at Complutense University (Madrid), Andrés Arias Astray has held the position of Vice-Chancellor of Institutional and International Relations at Complutense University of Madrid since October 2013. Previously, he occupied the position of Dean at the Faculty of Social Work since May 2010. Andrés has carried out his professorship and research at this Faculty since 1999, also holding the post of Sub-director of Research and Postgraduate Studies from 2006.


Social Work


Spanish and English

Teaching Subjects

Social Work with groups; Social Work Epistemology​,

Current Activities

Ph.D Academic CoordinatorPrincipal Investigator in different research projects. Director of the Specialist on Social Work with Groups

Fields of (Scientific) Interest

Psychosocial factors, social intervention and professional practice. Social studies of Social Science and Technology

Current research interests

Social Work with Groups practice, standards, theories and supervision Psychosocial factors affecting professional decision taken ​on child sexual abuse cases​