With six Schools, nearly 40 degrees, 5.000 students, more than 373 lecturers, and 256 non-teaching staff, a high level of teaching and research departments, accommodation, sports facilities and a growing connection with the market and the surrounding community, the IPCB is nowadays a solid institution with high quality standards.

Its main objectives are the initial and continuing specialised education and training of skilled professionals, scientific and technological research, services provision to the community, and the promotion of regional development.

The courses taught at the IPCB combine practical teaching with technical education in a theoretical framework at the highest scientific level, preparing skilled professionals. The IPCB’s Schools have high quality facilities, equipment, and good sports and cultural facilities. The teaching body has a great scientific, technical, and pedagogical capacity.

Served by regular public transport among the various Schools and Halls of Residence, the students live intensely the academic life, as they spend much of their day in the School grounds. Proof of this are the six Student’s Unions, which, represent the IPCB and constitute the IPCB’s Student Academic Federation.

Regina Vieira is the coordinator of the Social Work’ Degree at the Higher School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco.