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The EASSW encourages to participate to the IFSW conference

July 17, 2020
We encourage all memberships school to participate to the IFSW conference that is running in these days!
An incredible event that is gather thousand of social workers around the worlds!!
In agreement with IASSW, we suggest to follow in particulars the panels dedicated to the global agenda 2020 -2030.


To joint IASSW*, ASSWA* and ASASWEI* webinar on Saturday 18 July 2020, honouring global icon, anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, philanthropist and South African State President, the late Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

Pre-Register before 18 July
Meeting ID: 868 0014 6337
Password: 113206
Attendance Certificate issued to those who pre-register and attend full webinar

Saturday 18 July 2020@1pm [GMT+2; East African Time+1]
Log in 10 minutes earlier

IASSW = International Association of the Schools of Social Work
ASSWA = Association of Schools of Social Work in Africa
ASASWEI = Association of South African Social Work Education Institutions


Registration for #IFSW2020conference is free but mandatory to access the video-presentations.  Register here


Stay tuned!!