Social Work and the challenges of diversity in urban neighborhoods

May 2, 2020

The project started in 2018, initiated by the University of Applied sciences Utrecht(HU) in the Netherlands based on a pilot, done by the research center of social innovation (KSI) and several studies and publications on the impact of increasing diversity in Dutch society. This impact of increasing diversity was not only felt in social work practice, but also in social work education and one of the questions that emerged was how this impacts on the work of the social professional.

Within the CARPE network of the University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht partners were found, that showed their interest. This Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education (CARPE) is the first strategic alliance of a number of European universities of applied sciences. Altogether 6 universities, who are member of the EASSW, were interested to join in a shared application for EASSW small project funding, specifically with a focus on social work education.

EASSW would like to announce that University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Netherlands) with its partners has finished project Social Work and the Challenges of Diversity in Urban Neighborhoods, which was funded from EASSW Small project funds. Project focus was on how social professionals deal with different tensions/challenges in urban neighborhoods, in which they work

During project two-day seminar with discussions, World Café method and other activities were implemented.

As a final product of the project a booklet has been made of the major outcomes, that can be used in social work education.

Those EASSW members who would like to implement their ideas into activities are welcome to apply for Small project funds, deadline for application in September 1, 2020!

For more informations about results of the project, please do the download of Report and Booklet Urban Diversities.