Developing Social Work Education to Face the Needs of Multicultural Societies and Students with Immigrant Backgrounds

September 12, 2018

Executive summary

The project started in 2016 after the increase of refugees in Europe from areas of conflict. The project was planned to examine, how social work education respond to the new situation and to compare experiences among Nordic and European countries and Canada. Data collection from European social work programmes was not possible because of missing statistics or data on students with immigrant background. Data was finally collected from five Nordic countries and Canada, and 9 social work teachers, experts in the issues of the project, from Sweden, Norway, Canada and Finland participated in a two day-seminar in Helsinki. They had presentations first day and a workshop on the key topics of the project the second day. Project outcomes include suggestions for curriculum content, pedagogical methods, recruitment of students with immigrant background and special arrangements that make it possible for people with immigrant background to apply and enter social work degree programmes and get necessary support during their studies. The project can be implemented in other countries as well and it would be useful to create networks among social work teachers from different countries to share experiences in developing social work education to meet the needs of multicultural societies and students with immigrant backgrounds.

Download of the full final report: SOSNETProjectReportNASSWEASSW26June2018_FV27062018_revised10092018withquestionnaire