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September 3, 2021

The biennial Eileen Younghusband Memorial Lecture was inaugurated in 1984 to commemorate Eileen Younghusband (UK) who was IASSW President from 1961 to 1968. A current social work educator (not necessarily an IASSW member) is invited to speak at the IASSW Congress on a topic of relevance to international social work. 

The next Eileen Younghusband Memorial Lecture will be held Online Conference 2022, the dead-line for 2022 nominations is 30th October, 2021 and the E-voting will be held among IASSW Board members in November 2021. Please send a letter of nomination and biographical information or CV (this should provide evidence of the impact of the nominee’s work on social work education at the international level and how this was achieved) to the chair of the Committee – Zulkarnain Hatta by 30th October 2021 via and copied to IASSW secretary Barbara Shank on