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ECSWE 2021 - European Conference on Social Work Education

15-18 June, 2021


The European Association of Schools of Social Work and the Tallinn University, Estonia, announce the 2021 European Conference on Social Work Education, which aims at being an international forum for debating innovation, concerns, challenges and practices in Social Work education.

The overarching themes of the conference are innovation, resilience and preparedness of SWE to learn from times of uncertainty and to build on these lessons the way ahead. Social cohesion has been challenged the past decades through ongoing human rights abuses, challenges in human service delivery and human crises. European societies have been immensely challenged because of the recent socio-economic and public health crises. Both crises have challenged social welfare systems, social organization and individual lifestyles, and are raising questions about the preparedness of SWE to respond to new demands coming from students, practitioners and service users. New forms of connecting to each other; new ways of making sense of SW practice to make a difference in peoples’ lives; new pedagogical approaches to trigger transformation on students’ worldviews and its relation to the role of SW as a professions; are some of the issues raised by the present times that we aim to debate at the Conference.

SWE has to critically reflect on what methods, theories and practices have been developed so far to provide solutions in current crisis and what will be the lessons learnt as to build new solutions based on collaboration between different disciplines sharing common values and principles, in order to increase resilience as to maintain social cohesion, social justice and human dignity.

Therefore, we invite social work educators, researchers, students, service users and practitioners to present debates, experiences and research related to Social Work Education and practice in order to build a culture of innovation as to engage all social partners in these challenging times for social cohesion.

The call for papers will be open to all professors, students, researchers, professionals and users interested in social work related topics, and specifically social work education issues. Proposals from PhD students will be very welcome, as well as from experienced researchers and academics in the field of Social Work. Professionals and service users are also invited to participate and present their experiences. The proposals might be research-based, classroom or fieldwork-based or professional practice based.

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Authors don’t have to be EASSW members to submit an abstract and participate at conference. Reduced registration fee is applied to EASSW members.

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